G'day from the Heath and welcome to our website!

We are a specialized tire shop and have been offering our services for decades in the Lüneburger Heide. Until today, our customers have been enjoying our services since 1977 in Hermannsburg, since 1993 in Soltau.

Our services range from wheelbarrow tires to tires for scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses and even tractor tires.

In our store, we keep all common tire sizes for all seasons. If you ever need a special size, we are able to help you in virtually no time.

If you need assistance to remove your scooter or motorcycle tires, our trained staff will be happy to help or will do the complete job for you.


Here’s an excerpt from our service program:

All about your suspension:

Suspension optimization, replacement of defective suspension components, wheel alignment

All about your tires:

Storage, balancing, repair, consulting

All about your vehicle:

Services for brakes, exhaust systems, air conditioning and battery, windscreen repair and replacement Accessories and care products

Commercial vehicle and truck services:

Installation of tires on trucks / tractors „in the field“, hot repair of tractor tires, installation of forklift truck tires on site,

24/7 roadside assistance for trucks

Reifen Gruhn